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enterprise quality concept

Performance standard “zero defect”;error prevention continuous improvement and simplification Of all work procedures; Fulfilling responsibility ,encouraging,evaluating and training all employees.cooperating with suppliers and customers as partner in quality.

Enterpriselnnovation Concept

Dahua is a symbol forrellablllty and quality. Our goal is to make our customers regard Dahua

as a company that produces the best products and provldes the best services. Each employee

should make every effort to meet the customer' s expectations at a competitive cost and

contribute to the realization of the above objective. Aging managementls one of our major strategies for achieving high quality.Every employee should strive to follow this strategy.

Enterprise spirit

Chlnese enterprises!

Enterprise survival value

Meet the customer' s pursuit for innovation,,transcendlngthemselves and serving the society

Mission of Dahua

Technology accomplishesDahua and Chlna!