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The world's largest optical mask company has settled in Hefei

In August 30th, the American Nicks light mask company settled in the signing ceremony of the Hefei high tech Zone. Provincial Committee and party secretary Song Guoquan, municipal committee, Secretary General Wei Yi, vice mayor Wang Xiang, high tech Zone Working Committee, the CMC director Song Daojun, hi tech Zone Working Committee, deputy director of the CMC Lv Changfu city high tech Zone, the relevant units and related responsible person Fu Nicks attended the signing ceremony.

Nicks, founded in 1969, NASDAQ listed companies is ranked number one in the field of photomask, mainly engaged in the production and sale of semiconductor and LCD panel faceplates. The company has a turnover of $480 million in 2016, and currently has 9 factories around the world, distributed in Asia, North America and Europe.

The company plans to invest no less than 160 million US dollars to build a LCD faceplate (mask version) factory in Hefei hi tech Zone. It mainly produces 10.5 generation LCD panel faceplate. The factory will have the highest level purification workshop in the world. As the only factory in the central part of the company, the project will be based on Hefei, radiate the main panels and semiconductor manufacturers of the Yangtze River economic belt, enhance the matching capabilities of Hefei LCD panels and semiconductor key spare parts, and further improve the industrial ecology.

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